jet ski rentals

Yamaha VX Sport Rentals

The Yamaha V1 Sport will give riders hours of cranking and banking and getting wet. It’s quite responsive to steering and is a blast on the water. The Yamaha V1 sport transitions smoothly from one side to the other through turns. Although this is a 3 person ski, there is a weight limit. Usually 2 adults would be at the maximum capability.



Daily Rental Rates
Full Day Weekend $299.00
Half Day Weekend $239.00
Two Hour Rental $149.00
Full Day Weekday $259.00
Half Day Weekday $199.00

Weekly Rentals (5 days)
Monday thru friday with free delivery and pickup and all watersports equipment included. $949.00

Popular 6 day rentals
Delivery to your vacation home between saturday evening and Sunday early morning to Friday evening at 5pm. $1099

**When paired with a boat rental, additional discount may be available.

Even with education and experience, all Jet Ski riders should drive defensively. A passing boat might provide a wake that’s tempting to jump but it’s easy to lose control and have the Jet Ski land awkwardly or, worse, upside down. Because jet skis can take up to 300 feet to stop when driving at full speed, be alert to other jet skis, boats and swimmers. When docking come to a full idle and pull the handle into reverse or neutral. Do not shut off the ski when it is going forward, it will coast into the dock at the same speed you were traveling when it was shut off. You should never carry more passengers than your jet ski allows. Overloading a jet ski can cause poor handling and cause a rollover. Finally, if your renting a jet ski and are in a group, do not give operation of the jet ski to a unqualified driver. Accidents happen, but more so when the operator has no experience or education controlling such a high-powered vessel. Following this and other safety guidelines will help reduce your risk of mishaps and let you full enjoy the use of a jet ski on Lake Norman.