Premium Pontoon Vinyl Weave Flooring

boat with weave flooring on the lake floating

Mold, mildew and wear and tear are enemies of our boat flooring. Carpet would soak up the water and would take days to dry. Even when covered, carpet hold moisture and can harm electronics and the overall appearance of your pontoon boat.

We have found that a weave flooring is the best and most sanitary approach on any boat. Our new pontoons have vinyl or this premium weave. Its easy to clean, is cool on the feet and will last a lifetime with proper care. Even older pontoons can be easily upgraded to this flooring. Lake Effects is a dealer for infinity flooring and most pontoons will cost around $1500 for the material. Give us a call at 980.395.3980 or email us at

Advantages of Weave Flooring vs Carpet or Vinyl.

We have found many advantages in woven vinyl flooring in our boat rentals and in our ski boat rentals. The flooring is much easier to clean and far more sanitary than carpet and other flooring options. During 3 years of use in our pontoons we have found no wear and no stain that couldnt be cleaned out with spray nine cleaner. Even North Carolina red clay will wash out with little effort. We have found that in the sun the vinyl flooring can become a little hotter than carpet but not to the point of burning your feet.