Ski Supreme wakeboard / surf Boat Rental

ski supreme sv211 wake surf interior overhead lime green

This Ski supreme is a unique rental to Lake Norman, High end stereo with subwoofer and tower speakers, 3000lbs of ballast for surfing or wakeboarding, spacious interior and sunpad as well as a nice boarding platform. If you have never experienced surfing, this would be your chance to grab some friends and hit the lake. We will give you an instructional on the surf system and wakeboarding features if you choose to do watersports. The SV211 also will give you a great day of cruising around Lake Norman if you just want to relax and enjoy the water.

The surf and wake system is wonderful on this boat rental. The quick-fill ballast utilizes hull flooding to ingest water, which is still the most logical way to get weight into a boat, and with Supreme’s execution, it’s a highlight because it allows you to use gravity to fill the boat quickly. All you have to do to fill it is open the gate; reverse the process when you’re on plane, and it drains just as easily. The QuickSurf system has a blade on the back of either side of the boat that allows you to create a wave quickly and easily by hitting a couple of buttons at the dash. The system cleans up xtremely nice with the wake plate, and you never have to move from the helm seat to create a surf wave on either side. The S211 brings a lot to the table in the way of luxury fit and finish. The dash is very high end, the interior vinyl is sleek, and the durable foam flooring will provide a cool interior.


Daily Rental Rates
Full Day $599

Weekly Vacation Rentals (5 days)
Monday thru friday with free delivery and pickup and all watersports equipm ent included. $2950

Popular 6 day vacation rentals
Delivery to your vacation home between saturday evening and Sunday early morning to Friday evening at 5pm. Ronix Wakebaord, surfboard included. $3450