Boats for Sale

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At the end of each season we choose many boats form ski boats, wakeboard boats to pontoons and jet skis that we choose to sell at well under book value. These boats have been purchsed new from local dealers and boat manufacturers. They all have been very well maintained and have used synthetic fluids in the engines since proper break in procedure. Many times you can pickup a 3 year old pontoon for 5k less than a dealer or individual may advertise. We keep our rental boats in very good condition.

Some examples of our boats we have sold!

Normally a 3 year old pontoon with a 115 hp motor will sell for around 17k. These boats will have around 1000 hours and have plenty of life left in the boat. We do not use entry level boats. Many of these boats retailed for over 35k new with many upraded options.

Boats for Sale

2012 crest pontoon 90hp $13000
2013 southbay pontoon $18900
2001 Monterey ONLY $15000
2001 chaparral 230ssi $15000
2013 kawasaki jet ski $3000

We would love to help you. Give us a call for current inventory for sale on Lake Norman, NC