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Stutts Marina Gas Docks

Stutts Marina is located on the southern part of the Lake with big waters and amazing views.  The new gas dock has large openings and our team is always ready to assist.   Serving the same quality gas filtered to 10 microns.

best gas on lake norman

Midway Marina Gas Docks

At Midway you will pull into a calm cove near the main channel.   You will always find our dock team ready to assist.  We carry premium ethanol free gas filtered. Local rental companies and charter boats use Midway for their main source of fuel for its history of clean pure gas and amazing service.

gas docks best dock hands

Gas Docks on Lake Norman

When boating on lake norman quality gas is important.  We recommend Midway Marina and Stutts Marina for quality ethanol free gas filtered to 10 microns.


Our amazing dock team will greet you and assist while you dock your boat.   Feel free to browse either one of our stores at either location for Lake Norman Merchandise, Hyperlite gear and more.

When you go to fill up your boat Stutts Marina or Midway Marina, you should understand why we only use Ethanol Free fuels that are filtered from tank debris. Ethanol contains alcohol and is a powerful solvent. It can ruin a boat by drying out seals, damaging the fuel tank.

When ethanol mixes with water it will become a white sludge that does extensive damage to your tank.

We filter our fuel.  At both locations we have a  fuel filtration system equivalent to the one on your boat!   That means all water and debris is cleaned BEFORE it enters your tank!  This will extend your filter life and assist in keeping your boat running smoothly.  



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