Ethanol Free Premium Gas on Lake Norman

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At Lake Effects we take pride in our gas docks and the serivce provided by our dock hands. We serve ethanol free gas that is filtered to 10 microns! This will ensure your engine will get pure gas free of water and contaminates. We use this gas on our fleet of rental and club boats and have ran over 50,000 hours on our own boats with ZERO fuel issues. When filling up if you need ice or beer, just run up to our store where we have many items for your purchase!

why use ethanol free gas

Many marine engines are not designed to handle the increased corrosion and solvent effects from even the small percentages of ethanol (up to 10 percent) now found in much pump gasoline. In that respect, they join small utility engines in chainsaws, lawn mowers, and other power equipment, many of them far older than a huge proportion of cars on the road today. Also the water-absorbing properties of ethanol pose a particular challenge to boats that are subject to moisture conditions daily when sititng or in use.

Filtered to 10 microns
Sun Bum Sunscreen
reduces injector problems
reduces carbon build up
longer life from fuel pumps
No ethanol increases gasket life
No need to add sta bil

we pump, you chill
During the summer months our gas dock hands are eager to help you tie your boat and assist you. Our mobile payment system lets you relax and chill while we serve you at your boat.