Premium Waverunner Rentals

Lake Norman Waverunner Rental

We are thrilled to be upgrading to the new Yamaha VX models with iride technology. These waverunners give amazing ride with easy docking and a slow down feature that provides extra safety on the water..

We have a large fleet of these available for hourly or weekly vacation rentals. These are 3 passenger models however we recommend only 2 adults or an adult and 2 children.

Waverunners can soak up some gas while playing during the day, these yamahas have 18.5 gallon tanks to keep your time out on the water and less time filling up at the marina.

With huge sealed storage in the front of the hull and a sealed glove box you are able to bring belongings with you. We do recomend a dry bag or ziplock bag for more valuable electronics.. We do highly recommend taking a cell phone with you while riding for emergency reasons. Our policy is that all adult riders must be able to swim and must be in the physical condition to climb aboard a waverunner while in the water. This is for your safety which is our first priority.


Daily Rental Rates
Full Day Weekend $329.00
Half Day Weekend $239.00
Two Hour Rental $179.00
Full Day Weekday $279.00

Weekly Rentals (5 days)
Monday thru friday with free delivery and pickup and all watersports equipment included. $1099.00

Popular 6 day rentals
Delivery to your vacation home between saturday evening and Sunday early morning to Friday evening at 5pm. $1318

Holiday Rates
Daily and Multiple day rentals will have an increased rate during Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day Wekends.