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Lake Norman Navigation

Navigating Lake Norman is easy with apps available such as Wake Lake Norman.  You may also find navigating to some of your favorite restaurants on Lake Norman is just as easy with Google and Apple Maps on your phone.   Lake Norman has great cell service from almost all locations.   

When boating on Lake Norman it is very helpful to always bring your cell phone and a charger.  Things can happen and its much better to be able to call for help.   If your are a Lake Effects Customer. Just give us a call and we offer our customers complimentary tow service for mechanical issues.   Others can find value in a tow boat company such as Boat U.S. or Tow Boat.

Wake lake norman

wake lake norman.webp

Wake Lake Norman is an interactive app with places of interest built in.  You can find hangouts and more along with the best route 

apple maps

apple maps.png

Apple  Maps is always easy to use and is only available on any iPhone.  You can easily share your location with Apple Maps on Lake Norman.

Google maps


Google Maps is popular on Android and iPhone. Easy to use and will navigate easily around the Lake.

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