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Boating Resources

We love boating and we love Lake Norman! Whether you're vacationing or live here locally, you have many forms on entertainment available to you! If you prefer wakesurfing on the lake, eating at a waterfront restaurant, or just hanging out on a beach, we have some practical information to help you find your way. Navigating and boating on Lake Norman is fun for all and should be done in a safe responsible manner. We can show you how to navigate to your favorite restaurants, waterfront stores and gift shops.

Lake Norman
Gas Docks

When fueling your boat on Lake Norman you should only choose Ethanol Free gas and quality service. Your boat is valuable, so treat it well with high quality marine fuel. 

Check out our preferred docks.

Lake Norman

Whether you're looking for that Lake Norman keepsake to remember your trip or you're a local wanting to show off your Lake Norman pride, we have two waterfront stores accessible by land or water.

Lake Norman

Paper maps are amazing but with todays technology navigating Lake Norman has never been easier. Check out our favorite apps to use while boating.

Vacations on
Lake Norman

Lake Norman is among the East coasts top boating destinations. Many vacation here to enjoy boating and other Charlotte area activities such as Race City USA and an amazing culinary culture.

How to Tie
a Tube Robe

This may seem like a simple task. But did you know many don't know how to safely and properly tie a watersports rope? We have a few tips for you to ensure a great day on Lake Norman.

Restaurants on
Lake Norman

Lake Norman has a variety of waterfront restaurants. Choose amazing vibes at the Toucans on the Lake, unique cuisines at Hello Sailor and more! Lake Norman will excite your taste buds.

NC Boaters License

If you were born after Jan 1, 1988, Lake Norman requires you to have a boaters license. Find out more about boating safety on Lake Norman. Check out the NC boaters education course.


If your looking to drive to a beach and hang out for the day. Lake Norman does have a few small places for you to enjoy the Lake without a boat. Pack a lunch and hang out on the shoreline.

Wake Surfing
Lake Norman

Wake surfing has become one of Lake Normans top ways for families to spend time together.  Surf boats are costly but you can rent one for the day or even go out with an instructor.

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