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Wake Responsibly

Wakeboats create huge wake.  Stay away from shorelines, docks and other boats. Keep music at a responsible level and watch explicit music!

Watersports to Tower Attachment

This video of how to attach watersports wakeboard wake surf rope is in development. Check back shortly !

Tube Attachment

A simple way is to loop the rope under the tow bar then around the pylon on top of the bar. Never tube from the wake tower on tow boats. 

How to Tie a Tube/Watersports Rope

There are many ways to tie a tube rope or watersports rope to a  boat.  Our friends at barletta boats made this great instructional video to assist!

Tow Ropes can be DANGEROUS!

Never grab the tow rope when tubing or before boat is in motion.  

If your the driver, pull any slack out of the tow rope slowly and make sure all hands and bodies are clear from the rope.

If  you are wake surfing, wakeboarding, skiing or other towable sports.  Never place your arm inside of the tow handle.  A sudden fall can drag you under water.  Towing two tubes is not allowed with rental companies and isn't recommended.  

Towing a rope behind a waverunner is also not recommened if you are renting a wave runner or jet ski.  Many times the driver will suck the rope into the wave runners jet pump causing servere damage and or a long tow back to the dock.

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