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wake surfing lake norman

Many believe wake surfing is a new watersport. However people have been pulling surfboards and adding weight since the 1960s!  Just recently wake surfing has gained immense popularity on Lake Norman and across the US.  With manufacturers creating boats will custom ballast and wake shaping devices.  Wakesurfing is the number one watersport on Lake Norman.   Its a low impact sport which requires a special board and a little training. You can be wake surfing within minutes!

Many wake surf boats cost over $100,000 and are expensive to maintain. Lake Effects Boat Rentals carries surf boats for rent along with all of the equipment.  You can check out the selection here.

There are also many places where you can hire a boat with a driver such as Ride LKN and Maui Mikes!

Wakesurfer Waksurfing on Lake Norman.jpg
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