Wakeboard and Wakesurf Rentals

wake board rental on lake norman

Wakeboard Rentals

Our Ronix wakeboard packages include bindings, board and a wakeboard tow rope.

We have all sizes in stock for kids up to full size adults with shoe sizes up to 14 us. Many are in stock at our store on Lake Norman, You may choose to call to reserve for pickup. Ronix wakeboards are among the best in quality and a proven board among professional riders.

Wakesurf Rentals

Wakesurfing has become quite popular in the past few years. With new boats making huge wake that can allow surfers to ride behind an inboard boat with no rope. While crusing at approx 10 mph, wakesurfing provides confidence that a fall will be a gentle splash into the Lake. Most beginning surfers prefer to ride toeside or facing the wake. The boat accelerates at a moderate pace until the target speed is reached, somewhere between 9 and 12 miles per hour. The exact speed is determined by the shape, pitch, and length of the desired wake. Once the target speed is reached, the surfer will modulate fore/aft pressure on the board to find the “sweet spot” in the wake where the rope goes slack and is no longer needed. When the surfer is comfortable, they toss the rope in the boat or to the opposite side of the wake for retrieval by those in the boat.


Daily Wakeboard Rental Rates
Full Day $45
Weekly $149